India has become a nation of rising opportunities for entrepreneurs and a breeding ground for young business enthusiasts,

The biggest shift occurred in the last five years is that the cost of starting up has reduced while the potential rewards have increased.

Entrepreneurs, of course, require not only the necessary push to jump into self-employment but also a viable business idea. India, with its 1.3 billion strong population and the corresponding surging consumerism especially in terms of technology, is craving for innovative and new product offerings.

We realised that there is immense need for guiding, mentoring, grooming, supporting aspiring enterprenuers or enterpreneuer in the first three years of their inception.

With the aim to provide a singel platform for information, resource and newtoworking of business minds in both virtual as well as real world, we have launched the portal

As the name “” itself suggests that there is business oppurtunity for everyone, we truly want to take enterprenuership as a mission and are determined to help,guide and support as many people as possible to eastablish their ventures.

Presently we have got limited resources but soon we will stuff and would be able to serve you better.

We require your support and participation to foster the enterprenuership drive in our country which has least number of enterprenuers in the world per 1000 population.