Every big Idea starts with a dots and those who succeed in connecting the dots are successful. Same is the case with business Ideas.

Support services are vital for the success of any new business since few startups can afford to do everything by itself.

We at Sabkeliye.biz has decided to provide services, support and resources available both online and offline for the startups/ promising enterprenuers.

List of our Services offered to Startups.

1.Business/startup idea evaluation.

2.Registartion of Business entity.

3.Fund raising via formal and informal methods.

4.Business Incubators Services.(Presently we are offering this services only in New Delhi)

We provide startups with office space, computers, technology, secretarial pool and more upon meeting our slection criteria.

5. Business Networking services both online and Offline.

6. Organising various events/Workshops

a)Enterpreneur Workshops.
b)Networking events.
c)Conferencing events.


Various short term training programe on specific topic.

8. Interactive tool about how to set up business.

We are in process of developing our interactive tools for step by step guide for business setup In India.

In order to access any off the services offered by us, you will be required to submmit a shaor synopsis about your project/Idea in case of new startups and Project plan in case of running start ups by sumbmiting the form below.